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Use the Radix Wallet with Some Radix dApp Basics

Get started as a user of the Radix Network.

Please use desktop browser for dApps
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Buy XRD Tokens

To use dApps on Radix, you'll need XRD tokens – the official token of the Radix Network. Start here for some options to buy your first XRD.

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Gumball Club

See how easy it is to connect and do transactions with Radix dApps with some just-for-fun “DeFi-style” candy machines.

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Radix Dashboard

Search for addresses and transactions on the Radix Network – and participate in Radix Network staking using XRD tokens.

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Are you a developer? Check out some other dApps to help you build.

Please use desktop browser for dApps

Developer Console

A collection of utility pages to help you during development of your own dApps.

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dApp Sandbox

A configurable dApp frontend simulator to let you experiment with Radix Wallet logins and requests for data.

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Experience more. Check out a world of Radix ecosystem dApps.

radix ecosystem

Radix Ecosystem

Explore the growing ecosystem of Web3 and DeFi dApps that #RunsOnRadix

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